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Flash photolysis spectrometer at University of Connecticut

Good news coming from Edinburgh Instrument that researchers at the University of Connecticut have been using the LP920 flash photolysis spectrometer from Edinburgh Instruments as part of their research into plant light harvesting complexes1. A paper has been published2 with

StrainMaster DIC at University of Southampton’s Project

Damage Tolerance (DamTol) project at University of Southampton is one of recent research project at University of Southampton which utilize their LaVision’s StrainMaster DIC systems for high strain rate testing of composite materials. Already proud to have several long standing

Andor EMCCD camera leads search for Earth-like exoplanets

Belfast, 11 December, 2012 Latest news from Andor Technology websites, that Andor iXon 897 EMCCD become prospecting leads of success in supporting on Earth-like exoplanets search. The ultra-sensitive EMCCD device was chosen by the Stellar Observation Network Group (SONG) following