Laser Power Meter and Laser Energy Meter

Power and energy output measurement of a laser are the most fundamental method of checking the performance of a laser which directly affects a laser’s ability to perform a process. Measurement and monitoring this parameter is often very important from the time a laser is first manufactured, through system integration, and on to the final end customer who will be using the laser system in application.

We offer a complete product range for laser performance measurement from the most recognized manufacturer which deliver a sophisticated products for your requirements.

Newport Laser Measurement & Control

Newport have industry leading laser power and energy meter’s range from a low cost, hand-held power meter suitable for field service application, to the most advanced dual channel benchtop laser power meter available in the market. We also offer a complete line of laser power sensors and laser energy sensors calibrated for plug and play use with our meters. Our laser diode control offering was recently expanded with the addition of world class laser diode instrumentation and mounting fixtures from ILX lightwave. We also offer solutions for low light measurement, laser beam profiling and position measurement as well as high speed detectors and photoreceivers from New Focus.

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Gentec EO Laser Power Meter and Laser Energy Meter
Gentec-EO is committed to providing you the best NIST traceable measurements available anywhere. Furthermore, we will push the performance of our detectors to keep pace with you as you improve the performance of your lasers. We are also known as the first worldwide supplier of large aperture calorimeters to measure the highest pulse energies.

Thanks to our unique calorimeter technology and our ever-innovative approach, we have a strong presence in all the major inertial confinement laser fusion laboratories around the world.

Monitors The Gentec-EO monitors come in various sizes and types to cover all applications. High Power Detectors We have the most complete high power product line on the market, with solutions for powers as high as 25 000 W, more upon request OEM Detectors Almost anything you see in our product line can be turned into an OEM unit!
Energy Detectors Our pyroelectric energy meters cover a very wide range, going from nanojoules to several tens of joules per pulse. Photo Detectors Our photo detectors are offered for both power or energy measurements. Special Products Gentec-EO specializes in the measurement of laser radiation, in all its forms.
Power Detectors Get accurate measurements with fast response times with our thermopile or pyroelectric power meters. THz Detectors Our sensors are pyroelectric-based and can thus be used very easily, and at room temperature. Beam Diagnostics We offer camera-based devices with automated M2 measurement capability.