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IDRaman Mini selected as a finalist for the Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation 2014

IDRaman mini has been selected as a finalist for the Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation. The Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation is a leading international competition that honors the best new photonic products on the market. Over the years, the

Ocean Optics Spectroscopy Systems

Ocean Optics offers a full range of spectrometers and systems for thousands of UV-Vis, NIR, Raman and other applications. Ocean Optics spectrometers have traveled inside live volcanoes, have visited outer space, have aided in medical diagnostics and are used in

Ocean Optics

Ocean Optics recognized as the world leader in solutions for optical sensing. Ocean Optics enable diverse applications in medical and biological research, environmental monitoring, life science, science education and entertainment lighting and display. Our extensive line of complementary technologies includes

Ocean Optics Spectrometers on Curiosity Rover Project

Reported from Florida on August 5, 2012. Three Ocean Optics instruments have completed their eight month journey to Mars to study soil composition as part of the ChemCam mission. NASA’s Mars Science Lab rover, Curiosity, launched in November with customized