Measuring My Laser…Where Do I Start?

Join us to learn the basic principles, and best practices of laser measurement   

You have a laser you’re about to start working with.
You have enough experience with other technologies to know that you want to verify its performance; so you start looking for a tool to measure the laser’s…well, what?

In other words: Where do I start? What exactly do I need to measure, when, and how? (Not to mention, Why?)

Ophir invites you to join us for a Webinar on the topic, “Measuring my Laser…Where do I start?” We will cover the basics – and just the basics.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What the various laser parameters mean
  • Which are important to check and when
  • What types of instruments to use for which laser measurements

And more…

Join our FREE webinar on July 28th
We will be running two sessions, to accommodate for different time zones.

First Session
July 28th  2021
will begin at
10:00 am(UTC+03:00) Jerusalem  
Second Session
July 28th 2021
will begin at
06:00 p.m. (UTC+03:00) Jerusalem 


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