aa optoelectronicsFounded in 1979, AA OPTO-ELECTRONIC is a world leader in providing superior component reliability and performance.

AA provides Acouscto-optic components with associated RF drivers, as well as laser-based solutions, and microwave solutions for a broad base of commercial and scientific research customers.

AA proposes a wide range of standard acousto-optic devices covering the wavelength range 180 nm up to far infrared 11 µm. AA also designs and proposes all associated RF drivers, which are matched at factory in order to  provide the highest performances….

With more than 300 standard products in the catalog, we are convinced you will be able to find a product to meet your requirements. If not, AA team will be very pleased to help you setting up a custom device.

Nowadays, AA is a world leader in the manufacturing of quality Acousto-optic and radio frequency devices. Close collaboration with universities and research institutes, provided invaluable knowledge and experience in the design and manufacturing processes of Acousto-optic devices and radio-frequency sources. Continuous R&D keeps pace with advances in laser and electronic technology to ensure AA continues to offer state-of-the-arts products. AA. offers its customers solutions from prototype design to large volume manufacturing thanks to its internal ressources:

In-house design capabilities:
AO design software, opto-mechanical design software, RF/microwave simulation software .

In-house manufacturing capabilities:
X-ray orientation, crystals and glasses sawing and polishing, Anti-reflexion coatings, metallic deposition, molecular bonding under vacuum .

In-house test and quality control equipments:
Laser interferometers, network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, digital oscilloscopes, a large range of lasers for final tests and controls, and more.

Mastering all critical areas of the AO and RF technology, allows A.A to accompany its customers from the concept design to large volume manufacturing, and to respond efficiently and flexibly to any request. A.A thrives to maintain a high-tech up-to-date line of products and excellent service. Ask for ISO 9001 certification: your guaranty for service and quality… All our products are RoHS compliant.

Our Headquarter is located in ORSAY, near Paris. This is also our optical manufacturing plant. All RF drivers are manufactured in our Ste Maure plant, located 200 kms south of Paris.

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