Capacitec is an ISO9001:2008 certified designer and manufacturer of non-contact capacitive displacement sensors, gap sensors, hole probes and parallelism sensing systems, which include hardware, data acquisition systems and software.

Just a few of our specialty markets include aerospace, automotive, coating/printing/copying, extreme environment, extreme temperature (high-temperature and cryogenic) and power generation.

Capacitec as the capacitive technology industry specialist offers:

  • Best in industry small capacitive sensor size vs. large displacement and gap measurement range.
  • Industry-exclusive non-contact capacitive measurement technology, including displacement probes and gap sensors, for precision dimensioinal measurements in extreme environments.
      • Temperatures from Cryogenic to 1,000°C
      • Radiation up to 1018 RADS
      • Strong magnetic fields to 5 Tesla
  • Engineering/sales and recalibration support centers in the US, Canada, UK, France, Japan, Singapore and China.
  • Quality certified manufacturing facilities.
  • 25+ years proven experience with Global 1000 companies

Capacitec manufactures non-contact capacitive displacement sensors, gap sensors and bore gages with matching capacitance amplifiers and data acquisition systems.

Displacement Sensor Systems

  • High temperature displacement sensors
  • High frequency displacement measurement
  • Brake Testing
  • Engine Blade Length Measurement
  • Non-contact Displacement in high magnetic field
  • Capacitive density sensing

Gap Sensor Systems

  • Gapman – Portable gap measurement system
  • Nuclear Fuel rod gap sensors
  • Coater Gap Measurement System
  • Aircraft Engine gap measurement
  • Gas turbine blade gap sensors
  • Roller gap measurement in photocopiers

Hole Dimension Measurement Systems

  • Portable Electronic Bore gages
  • Inside diameter measurement
  • Countersink measurement
  • Grip Length Measurement
  • Combined Diameter/Countersink/Grip Length Measurement

For further information about Capacitec products range please go to Capacitec website.