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Denselight Semiconductors is a Singapore-based privately held photonics company. We design, manufacture, and deliver leading photonic optical light source products and solutions to the communications, medical, instrumentations, industrial, defense, and security industries. DenseLight processes Indium Phosphide (InP) and Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) based optoelectronic devices and photonic integrated circuits through its in-house wafer fabrication and assembly & test facilities. The company is recognized worldwide for its technological innovations in high performance semiconductor infrared superluminescent light sources and lasers, with a proven track record in deployed applications.

Denselight Semiconductors mission to deliver integrated solutions with superior product performance, quality and time to the market. Our strategy is to leverage off our people, patents, know-how, process & design capability, and intimate knowledge of market requirements to best serve the exacting needs of our customers. We will work in partnership with our customers in achieving growth through the development of new and competitive solutions in the communications, medical, instrumentation, industrial, and defense industries.

Denselight Semiconductors product range includes:

Broadband Light Sources (Superluminescence LED in 8-pin & 14-pin BTF/DIL package, SLED & ELED in uncooled packaging, ASE Broadband Light Source in plug & play module, Integrated Box SLED complete with electronics).

Narrow Linewidth Lasers ( Ultra-Narrow Linewidth Laser in 14-pin BTF/DIL package, Single Frequency Laser in plug & play Module).

Active and Passive Componennts (Telecom Lasers, Monitoring Photodiode, Passive Optical Components, Uncooled High Power Pulsed/ CW Laser Diodes).

For further information about Denselight Semiconductors products range please go to Denselight Semiconductors website.



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