Founded in 1991 to commercialize technological expertise with ceramic thin films, Neocera has become a reliable provider of capital equipment that applies critical technologies to meet emerging needs in high growth applications. Neocera serves nanotechnology Research and Development markets worldwide and semiconductor labs for failure analysis and electrical characterzation. Neocera introduces new technology products that accelerate nanotechnology development. Its thin film fabrication tools (Thin Film) provide nanofabrication methods for R&D labs and deposition systems for pilot lines. Its failure analysis tool (Magma) provides non contact fault isolation for nanoscale circuits at both package and die levels.

In semiconductor failure analysis, Neocera applies proprietary Magnetic Field Imaging technology to solve emerging problems in failure analysis of next generation microelectronics packages. For materials science R&D Neocera applies pulsed energy deposition technology to enable rapid prototyping of complex thin films for leading edge applications, e.g. superconductors, solar films, HB LEDs, etc. Our family of Neocera employees is dedicated to being extraordinarily attentive to over 200 customers worldwide, and to providing the best known methods for meeting their application needs.

Neocera Magnetic Field Imaging

Neocera Semiconductor’s vision is to be the failure analysis solutions provider that the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers rely on for mission-critical needs. Our tools deliver advanced failure-analysis capabilities to semiconductor debug managers, FA labs, and next-generation process developers. Magma, our Magnetic Field Imaging microscope quickly isolates failures in complex devices, resolves defects that other tools cannot, and minimizes time-to-market.

Neocera Thin Film Deposition

Neocera is a recognized world leader in the area of depositing high quality thin films of complex materials. We are uniquely able to quickly deliver turn-key solutions for materials research, development and manufacturing. Our Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) and Pulsed Electron Deposition (PED) products deliver the highest quality thin films for applications ranging from 3G microwave filters to nano-materials to superconducting wire for urban power distribution.

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