Road Vista


With over three decades of highway safety leadership and innovation, RoadVista has set the standard in retroreflectometer accuracy, reliability and usability. RoadVista, a Gamma Scientific company, is committed to making roads visibly safer with a complete selection of instruments and laboratory testing services for retroreflection. Retroreflectometers from RoadVista are available for testing traffic signs, pavement markings, sign sheeting and high visibility clothing.

While the name RoadVista may be new to you, the companies that combined to create RoadVista are among the most trusted names in highway safety: Gamma Scientific and Advanced Retro Technology. Each brings to RoadVista over three decades of leadership, innovation and exemplary customer service in the highway-safety field.

Truly a one-stop shopping resource, RoadVista provides a full array of solutions to cover virtually every retroreflection measurement need — and every budget. From simple handheld reflectometers to sophisticated mobile-retroreflection measurement systems, RoadVista instruments provide the exacting accuracy, reliability and user-friendliness you demand.

Gamma Scientific and Advanced Retro Technology forged their leadership positions in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration and through active membership in ASTM, ASHTO, ITE and other organizations associated with the measurement of retroreflective materials. The unique union of precision laboratory measurements, design expertise, manufacturing capability and commitment to highway safety places RoadVista as the premier supplier of retroreflective measurement equipment.

Moreover, RoadVista sets the standard in retroreflectometer accuracy, repeatability and uncertainty. In fact, only RoadVista retroreflectometers are directly traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), an agency of the United States Department of Commerce’s Technology Administration. Of course, our instruments adhere to a complete range of ASTM standards as well.