With 30 years of experience in the optics industry Santec has command of the key manufacturing processes to build lasers, instruments and components that meet the stringent demands for excellence by our customers. By committing to innovation as well as listening to the customer requests, Santec has succeeded in introducing solutions for a broad range of new optical applications. Santec drive for Optopia has resulted in steps that minimize the timeline for a product to go from conception to commercial applications.

Santec’s Products Range

Thin-Film Coating
santec-thin film coatingThin-film coating is one of key-elements in most of optical products and devices. A variety of coatings, such as an anti-reflection (AR) coating, a high reflection (HR) coating, a partial reflection (PR) coating, and a band-pass filter (BPF) are deployed for many our optical components and tunable lasers.
santec-MEMSSantec has been developing MEMS based optical components since 2002. We had realized MEMS based VOA(Variable Optical Attenuator) in 2003 collaborating with Fujita-Toshiyoshi Lab in Univ. of Tokyo. In the early stage of development, we fixed the device design at the Lab. of University and transferred those technologies to the MEMS foundry for mass production.
Lasers & Instruments
santec-Lasers & InstrumentsSantec was the first commercial manufacturer of external cavity tunable lasers. Our first product was released in 1987. Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) for fiberoptic telecommunications and high data rate transmission have been the driving forces to improve the performance of our lasers. Today’s products have extremely high performance with wide tuning ranges, high wavelength accuracy, high power and low noise output. Applications are no longer limited to telecoms, but now cover a plethora of scientific disciplines.
santec-LOCSSantec has developed and manufactured LC devices as one of core technologies for advanced optical devices and systems. Mass production line is 8 inch wafer process. Santec LC devices are characterized by wide viewing angle, high contrast ratio and high reliability resulting from adopting vertical aligned nematic (VAN) mode and inorganic LC alignment layer.


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