OptoSci Photonics Products

Novel photonics products for science & industry

OptoSci Ltd is a leading producer of innovative optoelectronic systems for the international education, research, industrial and environmental markets, including:

  • Photonics educational packages for university teaching laboratories
  • Optoelectronic instruments and modules for R&D and test labs
  • Optical gas sensing systems for industrial monitoring & leak detection

Photonics Educator Kit
Our principals OptoSci’s provide Photonics Educator Kits that offer comprehensive and fully self-contained laboratory based educational kits for universities, colleges, education & training centres teaching: geometrical & physical optics, optical waveguiding, fiber optics, optical fibre components, fibre optic communications, BER, WDM systems, Bragg gratings, fibre amplifiers, lasers, OTDR, optical networks, fiber sensors, biophotonics, nanophotonics, etc.

OptoSci’s photonics education packages:

  • Designed in collaboration with university academics
  • Cover core principles, key technologies & applications
  • Include all required optoelectronic hardware
  • Competitively priced with worldwide reference sites
  • Contain extensive teaching support package
  • Also used for Problem Based Learning labs

Our current range of educator kits includes:






ED-OPTICS Physical Optics: available as separate modules
or combined kit studying polarisation, reflection and refraction, diffraction, interference & coherence.Also available: WAVE (Module), Optical Waveguiding Module
ED-WAVE Optical Waveguiding: prism coupling, step &
graded index multimode and singlemode planar waveguides, m-lines, TE & TM mode spectra, waveguide characterisationAlso available: SWAN(MIC) Waveguide Analysis Software
ED-COM Fibre Optic Communications: source (LED &
Laser), receiver and fibre characterisation, attenuation limited link lengths, fibre dispersion, step & frequency
response, Bit rate distance products
BER(COM) Bit Error Rates extension to ED-COM: eye
diagrams, bit rate limitations due to noise, attenuation and dispersion, system Q-factors & BER from noise
amplitudes & eye pattern histograms
ED-NET Optical Network Analysis & OTDR: OTDR operation,
event identification & location, line & fibre component loss measurement and characterisation, multi-branch
networks, fault location & analysis




ED-AMP Erbium Doped Fibre Amplifiers: EDFA gain variation
with signal & pump power, small & large signal gains, gain and pump characteristics, ASE-ASE & Signal-ASE
beat noise, output SNR, noise figure.Also available:LASE (Module), Fibre lasers extension to ED-AMP
ED-LASE Fibre Lasers: EDF ring laser construction, gain
medium characterisation, slope efficiency, lasing threshold, effect of intra-cavity loss & output transmission
ratio, laser dynamics, relaxation oscillations, laser onset time
ED-WDM Series WDM Components, WDM Systems and Bragg Gratings:
Modular range of kits investigating, analysing and characterising WDM Fibre Optic Components, 1310/1550nm WDM Systems,
Dense WDM Systems, and Fibre Bragg Gratings
NEW KITS Kits currently under development: Raman Amplifiers; Introductory Optics; Fibre Optics; Fibre Sensors; Optical Receivers, Biophotonics; Nanophotonics INTEGRATED TRAINING LABS IN PHOTONICS: Combining OptoSci’s extensive range of educator kits with third party
instrumentation we can also design and supply fully integrated teaching and training labs covering areas from basic
optics, fibre optics and optical communications, through to advanced optical communication applications, instruments
and technology.
Each OptoSci education kit saves the tutor significant course, literature, and hardware development effort and

  • all optoelectronic hardware required to perform the experimental programme
  • manuals to guide the students through the background theory and experimental programme
  • an instructor’s manual which contains sample results and solutions for all of the experiments and exercises
  • a comprehensive set of background / lecture notes (incorporating tutorial examples, design exercises and case
    studies plus solutions)

Optoelectronics Instruments
OPTOSCI designs and manufactures a range of high performance, competitively priced, standard, custom and OEM optoelectronic instrumentation for test, measurement, research, development, production and assembly applications.

Our current range includes:

 photo-rec1-143x130  tdls_rack1-144x130  laser-driver


OptoSci provides a range of low noise photoreceivers for general laboratory use. Custom and OEM versions are also available.


 Custom Instruments for TDLS

Laser Drivers

OptoSci’s range of microprocessor controlled laser driver modules provides a versatile and user friendly platform for stable current and TEC control of laser diodes, SOAs, SLDs, pump lasers etc. The units offer easy device integration, full PC control and monitoring, or set & forget operation utilising the on-board EPROM.

Optical Gas Sensing

OptoSniff® uses innovative laser and fibre technology for rugged, multipoint CH4 leak detection & monitoring in service tunnels, utility ducts, mines, LNG supply & storage, unconventional gas operations, etc

SECURE – 24/7 optical gas sensing, no electrics in flash zone
ADVANCED – 0.05-100% range, no cross-sensitivity, self-referencing
FLEXIBLE – 100’s of sensors updated in seconds over 20km distances
EASY – Self-checking, no re-calibration, durable, minimal maintenance

 OptoSniff – Fixed, Multipoint Gas Sensing System OptoMole – Mobile, Optical Methane Sensing System Quality & Accreditation
 OptoSniff is a fixed, multipoint gas detection system based on the underlying detection principle of near-infrared tuneable diode laser spectroscopy (near IR TDLS).

The OptoSniff suite can be adapted to suit numerous industrial and research applications

 OptoMole is our award winning, mobile gas monitoring system designed to help Gas Distribution Networks (GDNs) quickly locate leaks from underground gas mains, reducing excavation and repair costs while also allowing Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM).  OptoSci has more than 20 years experience in the design and development of optoelectronic equipment and instruments for education and research. Due to the safety critical applications for our products, they have been designed to comply with a range of international standards covering explosive atmospheres, inherent safety, environmental performance,  amongst others. Our accreditation range is reinforced by our robust quality system. Full details of our accreditations and our quality system can be found here

Video Demosntration
OptoSniff System Introduction

OptoSniff Sensor Demonstration

OptoSniff Gas Detection Range