Edinburgh Photonics is the name you turn to when you want to unlock the secrets of the most demanding applications in optical spectroscopy.

As a turnkey solution provider for spectroscopy, Edinburgh Instruments also have the portfolio products on light sources especially the laser for the spectroscopy system as well as for other specific applications.

Pulsed Diode Laser
Pulsed LED
CO Laser (5.2 μm – 6.0 μm)
CO2 Lasers (9.1 μm – 10.9 μm)

MTL-5 Mini-TEA CO2 Laser
FIRL-100 FIR Laser (7.5 THz – 0.25 THz)
295 – Single Cavity Far-IR Laser
395 – Twin Cavity Far-IR Laser
Laser Services & Spare Parts



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