We provide broad range of light measurement equipment either for broadband incoherent light source or monochromatic and coherent light source. For broadband incoherent light source measurement either for photometry and or radiometry and spectroradiometry application. For monochromatic and coherent light source especially (laser) other than power or energy measurement we also provide solution for beam analysis (laser beam profiling).

Power and energy output and also other parameter measurement of laser beam are the most fundamental method of checking the performance of a laser which directly affects a laser’s ability to perform a process. Measurement and monitoring this parameter is often very important from the time a laser is first manufactured, through system integration, and on to the final end customer who will be using the laser system in application.

Newport Laser Measurement System

Newport have industry leading laser power and energy meter’s range from a low cost, hand-held power meter suitable for field service application, to the most advanced dual channel benchtop laser power meter available in the market. We also offer a complete line of laser power sensors and laser energy sensors calibrated for plug and play use with our meters. Our laser diode control offering was recently expanded with the addition of world class laser diode instrumentation and mounting fixtures from ILX lightwave. We also offer solutions for low light measurement, laser beam profiling and position measurement as well as high speed detectors and photoreceivers from New Focus.

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Ophir Laser Measurement & Beam Analysis

Ophir is the leader, the best performance in laser measuerement and beam analysis. Ophir offers a complete range of laser power and energy sensors measuring femtowatts to hundreds of kilowatts and picojoules to hundreds of joules.
Ophir products enhance our customers’ capabilities and productivity in the Semiconductor, Industrial, Life and Health sciences, Research and Defense markets

Laser Power Sensor

Ophir provides two types of power sensors: Photodiode sensors and Thermal sensors. Photodiode sensors are used for low powers from femtowatts up to hundreds of milliwatts and as high as 3W. Thermal sensors are for use from fractions of a microwatt up to tens of thousands of watts. Thermal sensors can also measure single shot energy at pulse rates not exceeding one pulse every ~5s.

Laser Energy Sensor

Ophir has two types of energy sensors, pyroelectric and photodiode. Pyroelectric sensors are for measuring repetitive pulse energies and average powers at pulse rates up to 25000 pulses per second and pulse widths up to 20 ms. Photodiode energy sensors are for very low energy pulsed lasers, as low as 200 pJ. Note that single shot energy with pulse rates less than one pulse every 5 s or so can be measured with thermal sensors.

Power / Energy Meter

Ophir laser power meters work on the smart plug principle. This means that almost any Ophir power meter can work – plug and play – with almost any of the wide range of Ophir sensors. Ophir power meters are also the most precisely calibrated units on the market thus measuring with the highest accuracy. Noted for their versatility, ease of use, and user friendly interface, Ophir meters can be used stand-alone or interfaced with LabVIEW or the user’s own software.

Beam Profiling for 266nm to 3000µm

Unlike a power meter that measures average or instantaneous Watts or Joules of the overall laser beam, knowing how the power is distributed within the beam is equally as important. As an example, if you want to cut something the power should generally be focused in the center of the beam to concentrate the power density in a very small area but if you were trying to weld something with all the power in the center you would poke a hole in the weld; requiring the power to be equally distributed as in a top hat profile.

High-Power Beam Profiling

Beam analysis of high-powered industrial lasers have always proved to be difficult because of the power levels (affecting the power densities) that these lasers operate at. Yet, the measurement of these lasers are critical for their success because of thermal effects which are more of a factor at these higher powers. These high-power performance measurement products have proven to be solutions for laser users who operate and maintain these high-powered lasers.

M²– Beam Propagation Analysis

This scanning slit M² measurement system accurately analyzes lasers with wavelengths from UV to Far Infrared with its silicon, germanium, or pyroelectric head. It features a compact portable design, immediate results, ISO compliant measurements, and operates in CW or kHz Pulsed modes which makes it ideal for comprehensive analysis of lasers of most wavelengths. Scanhead Travel: 500mm USB 2.0Interface M² Analysis Software included

Focal Spot Analysis

The focus spot analyzer can measure your laser beam power distribution and focal spot size of wavelengths from 266 – 1100nm. The average power can be from <1 to 400 Watts and the focal spot can be as small as 25µm. The FSA can also be used to measure how the focal spot shifts with power during its critical start-up phase.

BeamTrack – Power/Position/Size Thermal Sensors

Thermal sensors that measure laser power and single shot energy like standard thermal sensors but in addition measure laser beam position and laser size. This position sensing detector measures laser beam position to 0.1mm accuracy and laser size measurement of a Gaussian beam to +/-5% accuracy. Measuring laser position is important for laser alignment where the laser position sensor can provide feedback to the laser position control.

Divergent Light Measurement

There are three ways to measure divergent LED, laser and other sources: First, is the integrating sphere, which is designed to capture all the light that enters it. Next, is to simply use a very large aperture, and place it close enough to the light source to contain most or all of the power. Finally, measure power or energy density. In this case, it is not necessary for all the laser light to hit the sensor.

Gossen Photometry Measurement System

Gossen is leading company for precision luxmeter and luminance meter for broad of application either for general lighting application for safety requirement and photography also for laboratory calibration. Gossen has been established since 1919, longstanding customers from industry, the public authorities and the field of medical engineering rely on the products and services offered by GOSSEN Foto- und Lichtmesstechnik GmbH, are pleased to receive our expert advice and ask us to implement their special requirements.

Gamma Scientific Light Measurement System

Gamma Scientific is USA based leading company for precision photometry, radiometry and spectroradiometry for display and lighting test and measurement system.

Gamma Scientific has a broad product range on lighting and display test and measurement equipment, includes LED and VCSEL measurement system, display test and measurement system including advance display application such NED (near eye display), heads up display for avionic and automotive, application, retro-reflectivity for road safety measurement system.



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