Laser Spare Parts

Laser SOS was established in 1984 to service and support the rapidly expanding use of lasers in a wide range of industries. Today, we export to more than 55 countries and are the world’s leading provider of laser lamps, IPL light sources, retrofit laser spares and associated laser products, which cover a multitude of laser applications and technologies.

Our success had been built on our outstanding service and technical support as well as our ability to provide intelligent solutions based on our broad manufacturing capabilities and development activities.

Laser Components

Laser Lamps and IPL Light Sources
Laser SOS provides solid state laser users with the largest range of retrofit flash lamps and Krypton Arc lamps available.Read more >>
Lamp Pumped Laser Heads – Industrial and Medical
In 25 years of servicing and supporting the solid state laser industry, Laser SOS has produced the world’s largest …Read more >>
Laser Rods – Nd:YAG, ND:YLF, Er:YAG, Alexandrite, Nd:Glass & Ruby
To optimise the beam quality and maximise the output power of a laser, the correct laser medium and dopant level needs to…Read more >>
Laser Cavities – Gold, Ceramic, Silver and Doped Glass
Laser SOS provides solid state laser users with the largest selection of retrofit pump cavities currently available. Gold and ceramic are preferred cavity…Read more >>
Water Filter – DI Cartridges, Resin and Particle Filters
Laser SOS provides solid state laser users with a comprehensive range of deionising cartridges, resin and particle filters available…Read more >>
Laser Mirrors
Solid state lasers require mirrors maintaining lasing action. Most resonators consist of a high reflector (rear mirror) and partially transmissive output coupler (front mirror).Read more >>
Lens Protective Windows
Lens Protective windows are recommended for shielding expensive optics such as focussing lenses and F-theta lenses from splatter and debris during laser processing.Read more >>
Flow Tubes and Flow Plates
Flow tube, water jackets and flow plates are used in liquid cooled solid state lasers to channel and direct coolant across the surface of laser rods and high powered laser lamps.Read more >>
Diode Pumped Laser Modules – YAG and YLF
Laser SOS has designed, developed and produced a range of side pumped water cooled diode modules. The range covers 20W through 100W…Read more >>
Galaxy Power and Energy Meter
The GALAXY power and energy meter is a versatile measuring instrument. The GALAXY is ideally suited for laser service engineers on the road and for laser process …Read more >>
RF drivers for Accousto-Optic Q-Switches
Laser SOS provides solid state laser users with a range of high stability RF Drivers designed, developed and produced to maximise the performance…Read more >>
Accousto-Optic Q-Switches – 24MHz, 27.12MHz, 40.68MHz, 68MHz
Laser SOS provides solid state laser users with a comprehensive range of retrofit Accousto-optic Q-switches.Read more >>
Heat Exchangers and Chillers
Laser SOS provides a range of compact 19” rack enclosures. These coolers have high temperature stability, reliable operation, low noise and vibration levels and require…Read more >>
CW YAG Power Supplies – 3kW to 15 kW
Laser SOS provides solid state laser users with state-of-the-art IGBT switchmode power supplies for CW laser systems. The power supplies are…Read more >>
Capacitor Charging Power Supply
Laser SOS provides solid state laser users with an affordable capacitor charging power supply designed to power a flashlamp with a pulsed drive current.Read more >>
Second Harmonic Extra Cavity Module
Laser SOS has designed, developed and produced a unique extra cavity second harmonic module designed for industrial, scientific and…Read more >>
Laser Beam Expanders – Fixed and Zoom
Laser SOS provides a comprehensive range of high quality affordable fixed and zoom laser beam expanders. The zoom models are…Read more >>
Laser Scanning Heads
Laser SOS scanning heads are multipurpose designed modules. The module consists of two galvanometer scanners, f-theta lens and integrated driver electronics all enclosed…Read more >>
Laser Marking Software
Laser SOS has produced a powerful software package ”LightMark-Plus” for laser marking and engraving applications. Many features are available.Read more >>
Fibre Optic Delivery Systems
Laser SOS designs and manufactures a variety of fibre optic delivery systems for multimode optical fibre focussing systems and for pulsed or CW industrial laser systems.Read more >>
Infrared Viewer
The Infrared viewer IR3150 is a high performance hand held battery operated portable Infrared viewer that converts infrared (invisible) light to visible. It is designed to provide high…Read more >>
Laser Protective Eyewear – Lasers and I.P.L.
Laser SOS provides a complete range of laser protective eyewear for CW, Pulsed, Femto second and Pico second lasers. A range of IPL eyewear is also available…Read more >>
Autocollimator model AC50 is used for aligning optical components such as mirrors, laser rods and Q-switches on a solid state laser rail. The optical elements on the laser rail…Read more >>
Mounted Lens Assemblies and Singlets
Laser SOS provides a comprehensive range of high quality singlets and achromats and multi-element assemblies. Singlets and achromats can…Read more >>
External Beam Bending Mirrors and Dichroic Mirrors
Beam bending mirrors are used to direct laser beams within an optics chain. A 45 degree angle of incidence is the most common bend. Most beam delivering…Read more >>
Laser Scanning Galvo Mirrors
Laser SOS provides a comprehensive range of retrofit laser scanning galvo mirrors for many existing laser markers and engravers. Depending on wavelength and application…Read more >>
Water Pump Assemblies and components
Laser SOS provides a comprehensive range of retrofit water pumps and replacement components for a multitude of existing laser systems.Read more >>
Precision Optical Laser Rail Mounts
Laser SOS produces a comprehensive range of precision engineered optical mounts , assemblies and associated optical rail fixtures…Read more >>
RF Wattmeter & Dummy Load
Laser SOS provides a unique in-line Wattmeter developed for measuring wattage output, SWR, forward and reflected power over a wide range of frequencies…Read more >>
Water Cooling Components and Spares
Laser SOS provides a range of water fittings, tubing and water control devices such as thermostats, pressure switches and water solenoids.Read more >>
Thermal Image Plates – YAG and CO2
Laser SOS provides a range of infrared visualisors designed to convert coherent and incoherent infrared laser radiation into visible light.Read more >>
F-Theta Scanning Lenses – Ronar Scan, Fibre Scan, Actromatic Scan, Telecentric Scan, Achromatic Telecentric Scan
A comprehensive range of retrofit F-Theta Lenses for over 50…Read more >>
Miscellaneous Electrical Components and Spares
Laser SOS provides a range of electrical components and devices such as fans, high voltage cables, connectors and sleaving, circuit breakers…Read more >>
Laser Power Probes – YAG and CO2
Laser SOS provides a range of affordable power probes for both YAG and CO2 laser systems. These power probes are ideally suited for testing laser…Read more >>
Laser Protective Sheet and Flexible Film
Laser SOS provides laser users with a range of acrylic sheet and flexible shield curtain produced from plasticized polyvinyl chloride.Read more >>
Nozzles for CO2 Lasers
Laser SOS provides CO2 laser users with an extensive range of high quality nozzles and accessories.Read more >>
CO2 Replacement Optics
Laser SOS provides CO2 laser users with an extensive range of CO2 optics for all leading CO2 laser systems. Every optic is thoroughly inspected and tested prior to shipment.Read more >>
Laser Rod Assembly Jig
Laser SOS provides service and maintenance engineers with a precision engineered assembly tool for in-house laser rod maintenance. The tool offers a safe means of de-mounting…Read more >>
Laser Filter Glass
Laser SOS provides solid state laser users with a comprehensive range of glass filters. Depending on application, wide, narrow, long & short wavelength pass filters…Read more >>
Circuit Boards
Laser SOS provides a range of circuit boards for a range of obsolete solid state laser systems. Some circuit boards are sold as new. Others are available on our repair…Read more >>
Mode Burn Paper
Laser SOS provides solid state laser users with both black & white burn paper for viewing the mode quality of the laser beam.Read more >>
Illumination Lamps and Neons
Laser SOS provides a comprehensive range of illumination lamps and neons used on many solid state laser systems in the field.Read more >>

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