HeNe Lasers

Helium-Neon or HeNe Lasers are gas lasers that use a mixture of Helium and Neon as the gain medium excited by an electrical discharge. HeNe lasers are preferred for many optics lab applications due to their ease of operation and low cost compared to other laser types. Whether you need the flexibility of multiple wavelengths from a single laser, the stability inherent in an atomic transition, or the confidence that comes from keeping an established process, there are many reasons for selecting a He Ne Laser for your research or equipment manufacturing needs.

Red HeNe Laser – 633nm
Green HeNe Laser – 543nm
Yellow HeNe Laser – 594nm

Infrared HeNe Laser
Stabilized HeNe Laser
Dual Line HeNe Laser
Tunable HeNe Laser

Laser Diode Modules (Newport, ILX Lightwave)

Diode lasers are the most common type of laser and are used in multiple applications due to their small footprint and low cost. We offer laser diode modules with free space or fiber coupled output for industrial and scientific applications. Please see our Laser Diode Module Guide for additional information.

Laser Diode Modules, CW
Laser Diode Modules, Modulation
Laser Diode, TO-56 and TO-9 Package
Single Mode Fiber Pigtailed Laser Diodes
Multimode Fiber Pigtailed Laser Diodes
DFB Single-Frequency Fiber Pigtailed Laser Diodes
Power Supply for Laser Diode Modules
Laser Diode Optical Mount Adaptors
Laser Diode Controller & Driver (ILX Lightwave)

Fiber-Coupled Laser Sources

Our fiber-coupled laser light sources couple the output of a laser into an optical fiber for use in fiber-optics.

Spectrum Stabilized Laser Modules
Fiber-Coupled Laser LabSources
The Spectrum Stabilized Laser Modules provide powerful and extremely stable laser sources with narrow linewidths that are ideal for scientific applications including high resolution Raman Spectroscopy, Confocal Microscopy, and Interferometry.
-Wavelength stabilized spectrum
-Featured Raman wavelengths
-Open beam or fiber-coupled options
-High Power
-CE Certified
Our Laser LabSources are compact, free-standing, fiber-coupled VBG laser modules. Volume Bragg Gratings™ allow for superior wavelength stability and spectrally narrow linewidths ideal for Raman Spectroscopy.
-Stabilized with VBG for ultimate stability and linewidth
-Featured Raman wavelengths
-High power up to 500 mW
-Dual-Laser modules for Dual System Raman & SERDS


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