Spectra-Physics® is an industry-leading supplier of advanced laser solutions to the microelectronics, solar, semiconductor, industrial manufacturing, scientific research, and life and health sciences markets for 50 years. Our portfolio of high performance, high reliability products includes a wide range of ultrafast, Q-switched DPSS, CW and quasi-CW, high-energy pulsed, tunable, diode and fiber-based lasers.

Ultrafast Lasers

Spectra-Physics. #1 in Ultrafast.

#1 in Ultrafast means innovation to deliver the broadest portfolio of cutting edge ultrafast lasers and to ensure the right solution for your unique requirements. It means expertise from the widest scope of ultrafast applications and the largest installed base. It means direct access to the largest and most experienced global support team in the industry.

Choosing the #1 in Ultrafast means confidence in making the right ultrafast decision.

Ultrafast Micromachining Lasers

Ultrafast Bio-imaging Lasers

Ultrafast Scientific Research Lasers

Ultrafast Medical Lasers

Widest Scope of Ultrafast Applications

Spectra-Physics ultrafast lasers enable new applications in a wide range of research, medical and industrial fields every day.

  • Our high energy amplifiers are the light source of choice for leading scientists conducting cutting edge research in physical chemistry, high energy physics, material science, optoelectronics and other advanced applications.
  • Our widely tunable femtosecond lasers are integrated in most commercial and home-built multiphoton microscopes, advancing neuroscientists’ knowledge of the human nervous system.
  • Our high repetition rate turn-key ultrafast lasers are increasingly used in various medical applications such as novel eye surgery procedures, and high finesse precision micromachining of critical materials including medical devices.

If your application calls for an ultrafast laser, we have the right solution for you. Please view our Ultrafast Laser Brochure for additional information.


Life & Health Sciences

Scientific Research
Flat Panel Displays
PC Boards
Medical Devices
Solar / Photovoltaics
LEDs / Semiconductors
Other Industrial Manufacturing
Laser Eye Surgery
Cataract Surgery
Ultrafast Spectroscopy
Multi-dimensional Spectroscopy
Transient Absorption
THz Spectroscopy
Fluorescence Up Conversion
High Harmonic Generation
Free-Electron Laser (FEL) Seeding
Coherent Control
Combustion Studies
Materials Science

Nanosecond Pulsed Lasers

Nanosecond Pulsed Lasers

Our nanosecond pulsed lasers feature pulses in the ns range. For picosecond and femtosecond lasers please see Ultrafast Lasers.

Fiber Lasers

Q-Switched DPSS Lasers

Wide Scope of Nanosecond Pulsed Laser Applications

Spectra-Physics ns lasers enable new applications in a wide range of research, medical and industrial fields every day.


Life & Health Sciences

Scientific Research
PC Boards
Solar / Photovoltaics
Flat Panel Displays
LEDs / Semiconductors
Laser Marking and Engraving
Medical Devices
Other Industrial Manufacturing
Laser Microdissection
MALDI Mass Spectroscopy
Materials Science

Continous Wave Laser

Continuous-wave (CW) Lasers

Continuous-wave lasers (cw lasers) emit a continuous laser beam as compared to ultrafast or pulsed lasers that emit a pulsed laser beam. Spectra-Physics offers wavelength tunable cw lasers, standard cw lasers, quasi-cw lasers, and accessories for continuous-wave lasers.

Tunable CW Lasers

CW Lasers

Quasi-CW Lasers

CW Wavelength Extenders

Wide Scope of CW Laser Applications

Spectra-Physics CW lasers enable new applications in a wide range of research, medical and industrial fields every day.

Industrial Manufacturing

Life & Health Sciences

Scientific Research
Telecom Test and Measurement
Datacom Test and Measurement
Semiconductor Wafer Inspection
Solar / Photovoltaic Processing
Flat Panel Displays
Flow Cytometry
DNA Sequencing
Micro-array Readers
High Content Screening
Confocal Imaging
Laser Induced Fluorescence
Raman Spectroscopy
Quantum Applications
Atom Cooling and Trapping
Bose-Einstein Condensates
Quantum Computing
Atomic Clocks
Frequency Combs
Microcavity Resonators
Ti:Sapphire Laser Pumping


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