Spectra-Physics Laser Systems

Spectra-Physics® is an industry-leading supplier of advanced laser solutions to the microelectronics, solar, semiconductor, industrial manufacturing, scientific research, and life and health sciences markets for 50 years. Our portfolio of high performance, high reliability products includes a wide range of ultrafast, Q-switched DPSS, CW and quasi-CW, high-energy pulsed, tunable, diode and fiber-based lasers.

Ultrafast Lasers


Spectra-Physics is a leading manufacturer of cutting edge, highly reliable ultrafast lasers and amplifiers that enable breakthroughs in advanced scientific research, biological imaging and fine material processing. We offer a complete portfolio of turn key oscillators, ultrashort pulse seeders, high energy amplifiers as well as optical parametric oscillators (OPO), optical parametric amplifiers (OPA) and harmonic generators. With the largest and most experience global support team in the industry, Spectra-Physics is uniquely positioned to support your ultrafast application needs.

Spectra-Physics leads the industry in innovation – including the first commercial ultrafast Ti:Sapphire laser. With our continued growth and recent acquisition of High Q Lasers, Spectra-Physics continues to extend its leadership position in ultrafast lasers.

  • Broadest range of ultrafast technologies
  • Widest scope of ultrafast applications
  • Leader in ultrafast innovation
  • World’s largest installed base
Product Family
Wavelength Conversion
Ultrafast Oscillators InSight X3
Mai Tai SP Inspire OPO*NEW* Inspire IR OPO Inspire Blue
Mai Tai
Tsunami *NEW* Millennia eV
Millennia Prime
*NEW* Millennia Edge
Ultrafast Amplifiers Spitfire Ace Empower *NEW* TOPAS Prime
*NEW* Spitfire Ace Power Amplifier
Unison Empower Quanta-Ray
Solstice One Box Ultrafast Amplifier
*NEW* Spirit High Repetition Rate Ultrafast Laser
Biological Imaging
Multiphoton microscopy, TPE (Two-Photon Excitation)
SHG/THG (Second/Third Harmonic Generation) microscopy
STED (Stimulated Emission Depletion) microscopy
CARS (Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy)
Multimodal imaging
Optical coherence tomography
Time Resolved Ultrafast Spectroscopy
Fluorescence upconversion
Coherent control
OPO pumping
Amplifier seeding
Time resolved photoluminescence
2D IR spectroscopy
THz spectroscopy
Transient absorption spectroscopy
Stimulated Raman scattering
Time resolved CARS spectroscopy
Combustion studies
High Energy Physics
Free electron laser (FEL) seeding
Higher harmonic generation (HHG)
Optical Parametric Amplifier pumping
Non linear optics
Industrial Applications
fs micromachining
Two-photon polymerization
Semiconductor metrology

Fiber Lasers

quasarSpectra-Physics introduces Quasar® — a breakthrough new hybrid fiber laser delivering industry-leading high power UV and green at high repetition rates. Quasar features novel TimeShift™ technology for programmable pulse profiles to deliver the ultimate in process speed, flexibility,
and control.

Quasar High Power UV and Green Hybrid Fiber Lasers

Breakthrough Hybrid Fiber Laser Technology

Quasar combines advanced fiber laser, power amplifier and patented harmonics technologies, to achieve breakthrough results. The design exploits the flexibility and robustness of fiber laser technology to enable TimeShift technology. Adding Spectra-Physics’ exclusive power amplifier technology, Quasar enhances this flexibility at unprecedented power levels. Finally, with Spectra-Physics’ patented harmonics, known for robust stability, Quasar is a breakthrough synergy of power, flexibility and control in a reliable 24/7 OEM laser for the most demanding applications.

The Quasar Advantage

  • >40 W UV and >70 W green
  • TimeShift Technology
  • TimeShift – constant pulse width over wide range of PRF
  • TimeShift – variable pulse width
  • TimeShift – pulse shaping
  • TimeShift – pulse splitting and Burst Mode operation
  • High PRF from 1 to 500 kHz for fast processing
  • Robust and reliable for OEM tools

Typical Applications

Glass Processing
Glass cutting Quasar 355-40
Vacuum hole drilling Quasar 355-40
Printed Circuit Boards, Flexible Circuits and Flip Chips
Via hole drilling Quasar 355-40
Flex circuit cutting, drilling
PCB laser singulation Quasar 532-70
Laser ablation of material on PCBs and PCB structuring
Electronic package laser singulation
HDI Machining
HDI scribing Quasar 355-40
Silicon Processing
TSV (through silicon via) laser drilling Quasar 355-40
Laser scribing and dicing of wafers
Low K dielectric laser scribing and grooving
Silicon micromachining Quasar 532-70
Ceramic Processing
Scribing Quasar 532-70Quasar 355-40
Drilling ceramic foils Quasar 532-70Quasar 355-40
LED Manufacturing
Laser scribing of sapphire, GaAs, GaN Quasar 355-40
Solar Cells
c-Si laser doping using PSG as precursor Quasar 355-40
c-Si solar cell laser scribing, Application Overview Quasar 532-70Quasar 533-40
Laser drilling of Metal Wrap Through (MWT) and Emitter Wrap Through (EWT) via holes Quasar 355-40
Flat Panel Display Manufacturing
LDP/LDI and PDP/AM OLED processing Quasar 355-40
ITO patterning Quasar 355-40

Q-Switched Lasers

Spectra-Physics is a leading supplier of DPSS Q-switched lasers. Our lasers deliver superior reliability and are proven in demanding 24/7 industrial applications. With one of the broadest portfolios of Q-switched lasers in the industry and a deep applications expertise, we can help you find the right laser solution for your industrial applications.

Pulseo_355 white bckgrnd HIPPO_1064 white background MOSAIC_w_beam
Pulseo® High Power DPSS Q-Switched Lasers HIPPO™ Mid-Power DPSS Q-Switched Lasers Mosaic™ All-in-One DPSS Q-Switched Lasers
SP-Navigator_MainImg-S SP-TriStar Blue Cover-S
Navigator™ Modular DPSS Q-Switched Lasers Tristar™ Compact UV Lasers Explorer

DPSS Q-Switched Laser Product Selection

1064 nm
532 nm
355 nm/349 nm
266 nm


Explorer XP





Explorer XP






Typical DPSS Q-Switched Laser Applications

Solar Cell Laser Applications
Thin film P1, P2, P3 layer laser scribingTechnical Overview, a-Si TF laser scribing, Mo-Si TF laser scribing, M2 Overview Explorer, Explorer XP, Navigator, HIPPO, and Mosaic Q-Switched Lasers
Laser doping of selective emitters (LDSE), Technical Overview, c-Si laser processing Millennia Prime CW Lasers, Pulseo Q-Switched Lasers, and Quasar Hybrid Fiber Lasers
Laser doping of emitters using PSG as doping precursor Pulseo Q-Switched Lasers, Quasar Hybrid Fiber Lasers
Metal wrap through (MWT) laser drilling
Emitter wrap through (EWT) laser drilling
c-Si solar cell edge isolation, c-Si laser processing HIPPO, Pulseo, Mosaic Q-Switched Lasers, and Quasar Hybrid Fiber Lasers
Laser grooved buried contacts (LGBC)
Laser scribing of silicon nitride
Laser defect/shunt repair
c-Si wafer marking Explorer
c-Si solar cell laser-fired contacts (LFC) HIPPO, Pulseo Q-Switched Lasers, and Quasar Hybrid Fiber Lasers
Flip Chips, Flexible Circuits and Printed Circuit Boards
Via hole laser drilling Explorer XP UV, HIPPO, Pulseo, Mosaic
Q-Switched Lasers , and Quasar Hybrid Fiber Lasers
Flex circuit laser cutting and laser drilling
PCB laser singulation
Laser ablation of material on PCBs and PCB structuring
LED Manufacturing
Laser scribing and laser dicing of sapphire, GaAs, GaN, Technical Overview Tristar and Pulseo UV Lasers
Laser liftoff
Laser Processing of Silicon Wafers
Laser scribing and laser dicing of wafers,
Technical Overview
HIPPO, Pulseo UV Lasers, and Quasar Hybrid Fiber Lasers
Low K dielectric laser scribing and laser grooving
Laser marking of wafers Explorer, Navigator, HIPPO, and Mosaic
Q-Switched Lasers
Die attach film (DAF) Tristar, HIPPO, and Pulseo UV Lasers
TSV (through silicon via) laser drilling Pulseo UV Lasers, Quasar Hybrid Fiber Lasers
Electronic Package Laser Singulation
micro-SD, QFN, FBGA,and Direct Chip Attach (DCA) type packages Pulseo Q-Switched Lasers
Flat Panel Display Manufacturing
ITO laser patterning Explorer XP UV, Tristar, HIPPO, and Pulseo
UV Lasers
TCO laser patterning Explorer XP UV
LDP/LDI, repairing LCD/PDP, and PDP/AM OLED processing HIPPO, Pulseo UV Lasers, and Quasar
Hybrid Fiber Lasers
Inside glass laser marking and titling Explorer, Navigator, and HIPPO UV Lasers
Vacuum hole drilling, glass cutting Explorer XP UV, Pulseo UV Lasers
Black matrix patterning
Exposure/ablation Explorer, Explorer XP UV and Navigator
UV Lasers
Ceramic Processing
Laser scribing HIPPO, Pulseo UV Lasers, and Quasar Hybrid Fiber Lasers
Laser drilling ceramic foils
Memory Repair
Link cutting, repair Explorer IR, Tristar, and Navigator
Q-Switched Lasers
MALDI mass spectrometry Explorer
Laser microdissection
Molecular uncaging Explorer, Tristar, and Navigator Q-Switched Lasers

High Energy Pulsed Lasers

Spectra-Physics offers the industry’s most reliable high-energy, flashlamp- pumped Nd:YAG lasers for scientific and industrial applications. With the longest lamp lifetimes and highest quality construction, Spectra-Physics’ Quanta-Ray® lasers are backed by an industry-leading warranty and a global support team you can rely on. Combined with the broadest offering of high quality tunable solid-state OPOs and a dye lasers, Spectra-Physics has the high energy laser solution for the most demanding requirements.

SP-Quanta-Ray SP-Lab_Pro-S SP-INDI-S
Quanta-Ray Pro Series Quanta-Ray Lab Series Quanta-Ray INDI Series
SP-Scan Series Family-S PrecisionScan_white
Scan Series OPOs Pulsed Dye Lasers

CW & Quasi-CW Lasers

Spectra-Physics is the industry leader in high reliability, diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) lasers for microelectronics, life and health science, industrial and scientific markets. Spectra-Physics’ continuous wave (CW) and quasi-continuous wave (Quasi-CW) lasers are built for 24/7 hands-off, reliable operation and low cost of ownership. With a broad selection spanning IR to UV wavelengths, power levels from mW to W, and CW and mode-locked quasi-CW, Spectra-Physics has the right laser solution for your most demanding applications.

Millennia eV SP-Millennia PRIME 15s-WHT-S MILLENNIA EDGE
*NEW* Millennia eV CW DPSS Lasers Millennia Prime CW DPSS Lasers Millennia Edge CW DPSS Lasers
Excelsior One Color Excelsior Family August 2009 Vanguard 2pt5 W-S_white_bckgrnd
*NEW* Excelsior One Compact CW Lasers Excelsior CW Lasers Vanguard Quasi-CW Mode-Locked UV DPSS Lasers

Tunable Lasers

Spectra-Physics offers a wide range of tunable lasers for the scientific research and life and health science communities. Whether you need a high power CW tunable ring laser, a high energy pulsed solid-state or dye laser solution, or wavelength tunable ultrafast pulses, we offer a robust line of products that meet even the most stringent requirements. Together with state-of-the-art accessories and diagnostics, these lasers set the industry standard in the most demanding applications.

High Energy Pulsed Tunable Lasers
SP-Scan Series Family-S PrecisionScan_white SP-Credo_noShadow
Scan Series OPOs Pulsed Dye Lasers Credo High Rep Rate Dye Lasers
CW Tunable Lasers
Matisse_wht_background-S SP-3900S-S SP-WaveTrain-S NF-Vtx_II
Matisse Tunable Ring Lasers 3900S CW Tunable Ti:Sapphire Laser WaveTrain CW Frequency Doubler New Focus Tunable Diode Lasers
Ultrafast Tunable Lasers
SP-Inspire_HF_No_Knobs_OPO Topas Prime Mai Tai_white-S Tsunami_open_wht_background-S
Inspire OPOs TOPAS OPAs Mai Tai One Box Ultrafast Lasers Tsunami Ultrafast Lasers