Confocal Microscopy (Andor Technology)

We provide solutions to address a broad range of optical microscopy techniques including laser spinning disk confocal microscopy,photo-bleaching, activation, conversion and ablation, TIRF, white light spinning diskconfocal, calcium ratio imaging, comet assay and bioluminescence. More>>

Microscopes (Motic)

We offer a range of affordable microscopes for various applications such as biological microscopes for laboratory and life science applications, materials microscopes for material study applications and stereo microscopes for industrial, research, education and life science applications. Find out more for Motic Microscopy Systems>>.

Atomic Force Microscopes (AIST-NT)

Our new, fully motorized AFM allows the perfectly alignment of a cantilever, laser and photodiode by just one click on a command button. The scanning settings and landing parameters are also automated that allows to avoid any time consuming adjustment operations, thus leaving more time to researcher for designing the experiment and performing more accurate measurements. More>>

Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEC)

SEC provides premier electron microscope for nanotechnology. Nano-eye series covers affordable table-top electron microscope for entry level as well as conventional scanning electron microscope for experienced level. More>>

Laser Autofocus (Prior Scientific)

The Laser Autofocus combines the latest in intelligent microprocessor control and advanced optics to provide the fastest and most reliable laser autofocus available. It is ideally suited for reflective specimens, fits easily to different microscopes and eliminates the need to manually adjust the focus trim and loop gain resulting in a dramatic improvement in throughput.

Microscope Automation (Prior Scientific)

We offer a truly unique range of automation solutions for microscopy and other optical inspection applications. ProScan is ideal for most demanding imaging and positioning applications for upright and inverted microscope. OptiScan is an affordable system for routine imaging for both upright and inverted microscope. NanoScanZ is specially designed for the most demanding Z-stacking experiments, combining nanometer resolution with high speed and accuracy.

Illumination Systems (Prior Scientific)

These illumination systems are designed for fluorescence microscopy. They provide long life, high intensity sources with optional wavelength control.

Automated Controllers (Objective Imaging)

Our line of automation control products allow fast, precise movement of motorized stages, focus drives, and other peripherals.  Optional modules provide real-time video processing for high-performance automatic focus calculations, digital camera synchronization, as well as control of multiple filter wheels and shutters control.



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