Optical test equipment or optical measuring instruments are used to measure and characterize the physical properties of light. The insatiable demand for higher capacity in communication networks has fueled the need for highly precise optical test solutions. In addition, precision optical measurements are essential to optical research applications for biophotonics, environmental sensing, and consumer products.

R&D engineers, academic researchers, manufacturing engineers, and field service personnel depend on precision optical test equipment to ensure design and performance specifications, production quality, and network health. For more than thirty years, Yokogawa (formerly Ando) has delivered quality, consistency, ease of use, and market leadership for optical test applications.

Optical Spectrum Analyzer
An Optical Spectrum Analyzer (or OSA) is a precision instrument designed to measure and display the distribution of power of an optical source over a specified wavelength span. An OSA trace displays power in the vertical scale and the wavelength in the horizontal scale.
Optical Spectrum Analyzer
Optical Time Domain Reflectometer
An optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) is a precision instrument used to locate events or faults along a fiber link, typically within an optical communications network.
Optical Time Domain Reflectoemter (OTDR)
Optical Wavelength Meter
A Michelson interferometer-based optical wavelength meter with high measurement performance and excellent cost performance that meets measurement needs from optical devices to optical transmission equipment.
Optical Wavelength Meter
Modular Manufacturing Test System
A modular test platform with a wide selection of modules allows optimal configuration of test solutions for optical component and network systems manufacturing.
Modular Manufacturing Test System
Portable Power Meters and Light Sources
A compact portable light source and optical power meter are crucial tools to test and verify that insertion losses are within specifications in fiber links deployed by cable TV, enterprise, service provider, carrier, Ethernet and FTTH networks.
Portable Power Meter
Portable Ethernet Testers
Yokogawa offers high speed optical telecommunication systems and equipment with high performance, functionality, and reliability.
Portable Ethernet Tester


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