Our optics & Opto-Mechanics products offering includes a wide variety of optical components for UV, visible, NIR and IR wavelengths. We offer low GVD optics and high damage threshold optics for ultrafast applications, and optics for high energy solid state laser pulse routing applications. Whether you are setting up a laser experiment or integrating a commercial photonics product, we have competitively priced, high performance optics to suit your needs.


Spherical Lens and Cylindrical Lens

Our lenses are designed to meet demanding requirements of laser Electro-optic applications. We offer a large selection of both spherical and cylindrical lenses in materials like fine annealed BK7 glass and UV fused silica. These lenses are available in either uncoated or antireflection coated, with choice of high transmission broadband coating or laser line V-coating. Extensive selections of standard diameters and focal lengths can be found. Our lenses include plano-convex, bi-convex, plano-concave, bi-concave, achromatic doublet, aspheric condenser, gradium, gradient index micro lenses, spherical ball micro lenses, microspot objective, telecentric lenses and more.


Selecting the proper mirror for your application requires making a number of choices. A few of the many considerations include reflectivity, laser damage resistance, coating durability, thermal expansion of the substrate. Hence, we are pleased to offer more than 600 off-the-shelf mirrors with extensive range of dimensions and reflective coating covering: the UV, visible, near infrared and infrared region. Our mirrors are designed and manufactured utilizing meticulous procedures to resist laser damage for use with high energy CW lasers and pulsed lasers. Besides the standard, we do have exceptional performance super and ultrafast mirrors that have a high reflectivity of better than 99.97%. These are designed to minimize dispersion effects and deliver maximum bandwidth. Laser output couplers are available in both 0° and 45° incident angle.

Prisms / Beamsplitters / Polarization Optics

A series of prisms, beamsplitters, waveplates and polarizers are available. They are designed to provide applications from the ultraviolet to infrared. We are able to deliver superior performance polarization optics with low wavefront distortion, high transmission efficiency with antireflection coating, and high laser damage resistance. They come in different dimensions for convenient mounting.

Filters & Attenuators

We offer a wide range of center wavelengths and bandwidths for optical filters. They are of high optical quality with excellent temperature stability. They are designed in different shapes and sizes for convenient mounting.

Optics Kits

Optics kits can speed up the assembly of complex optical setups and facilitate engineering prototype evaluation. It is a useful tool for demonstrating fundamental optical principles to students. We provide precision singlet kits as well as comprehensive optics kits with a collection of mirrors, lenses, filters, beamsplitters and objectives. Our kits contain research quality lenses in convenient focal length from –1000mm to 1000mm. Sizes are available for both 25.4mm and 50.8mm diameter in either BK 7 optical glass or UV grade fused silica lenses.


Our windows are ideal for applications that require low distortion, low scatter and excellent parallelism. Available types include parallel windows, high energy laser wedged windows, UV fused silica flats for interferometers, windows for thermally demanding applications, optical disk diffusers, laser beam characteristics viewers and beam collimation testers.

Diffraction Gratings

Designed for Littrow configuration, we provide diffraction gratings for many applications requiring high resolution such as spectroscopic instrumentation and laser tuning.Ruled gratings can be blazed for specific wavelengths and generally have high efficiency. These gratings are often used in systems requiring high resolution.

Holographic gratings will often have lower scatter since they are generated optically. These gratings can be designed to minimize aberrations and can have high efficiency in a single plane of polarization.

Ultrafast Laser Optics

Reflectivity, polarization, bandwidth, scatter, and laser damage resistance are typical performance characteristics of concern for laser optics. Targeting these concerns, we provide a wide range of Ultrafast laser optics including mirrors, angle dispersing prisms, wave plates, thin film polarizers, beamsplitters and accessories.

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Optical Mounts & Holder

We offer an extensive array of opto-mechanical products from inexpensive fixed mounts to sophisticated five axis adjustable units. The mounts we offer are primarily intended for holding and adjusting mirrors, lenses, beamsplitters, prisms, and other optics. We have a series of kinematics and gimbal mounts with superior thermal stability and flexible configuration. The mounts come with actuators that can be operated manually or motorized. Thus, all optical mounts can be interfaced with post mounting, rod mounting, optical rail, linear stage and optical table system.

Post & Rod

We are pleased to offer a vast series of fixed and translating post, and rod systems. The precision ground stainless steel posts, rods and accessories come in different diameters, length and tapped holes.

Base & Bracke

Our base plates and brackets are designed to allow two components or more of different sizes, and without a common holes pattern that can be attached together. We offer a series of base plates, slotted bases, rotation adapters, universal mounting plates, modular riser plates and intermediate adapter plates. Magnetic bases and kinematics bases are available to remove and replace components with high repeatability. Besides bases, rigid clamps and brackets, that are also in our product line, can securely clamp components to any tapped surfaces and allow multi-axis assembly.

Rail System

The rail and carrier system is designed to provide maximum versatility in minimum table space. We offer a series of rails such as dovetail rail, mini optical rail, stainless steel precision rail and cruciform cross-section rail. Our carrier enables fast, easy mounting and secured clamping of components at any point along the rails. Indexing block is also available to be butted against any carrier and lock in place, allowing the carrier to move and repeatedly return to original position.

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