We have a broad range of scientific camera products.  One of the best brand in the world is Andor for all high performance light measuring applications, Andor provides a wide range of deep-cooled, vacuum-housed CCD cameras. Ranging from scientific CCD, Intensified CCD to X-ray and Electron Multiplying CCD, these cameras provide the ultimate sensitivity, stability and flexibility in the market. Applications include single molecule microscopy, live cell microscopy, calcium signaling, transport/motile imaging, intracellular bioluminescence, time-resolved applications, spectroscopy and X-ray detection.

For the best performance in the term of high speed we are also have Vision Research High Speed Cameras which it’s product ranges may be applied for the entertainment (cinemas), scientific, military, aerospace, and automotive industries.

For low budget in microscopy applications we have Motic Cameras either CMOS or CCD based cameras, with a lot of options for any microscopes types with c-mount adapter, flexible display and connectivity either for bright field or fluorescence imaging.

ANDOR Scientific Cameras
Andor Scientific Cameras
Phantom High Speed Cameras
Vision Research (Phantom) High Speed Cameras
Motic Microscopy Cameras
Motic Microscopy Cameras
Infratec Thermography Cameras
Infratec Thermographic Cameras
FLIR - Point Grey Machine Vision Cameras
FLIR (Point Grey) Machine Vision Cameras
Touptek Low Cost Cameras
Alternative Low Cost Cameras


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