Solar Cell Research

Solar Simulators for Photovoltaic (Oriel/Newport)

Solar Simulators offer the possibility of projecting how solar radiation will affect materials and finishes intended for outdoor use. We offer a wide range of Class A or B Solar Simulators from 150W to 1600W with uniform, collimated output beams. Flood Exposure Sources are also available to expose most photoresists, polymer cross-linking and novel resists, and for deep ultraviolet studies. Find Out More>>

Photovoltaic Test & Measurements (Oriel/Newport)

Newport offers several predesigned solutions and systems for photovoltaic solar cell testing. Oriel’s QE and I-V test stations are leading market instruments for testing and calibration of solar cells. Photresponse mapping and solar uniformity testing solutions helps researchers to characterize the surface of solar cells. Newport also offers solar cell calibration and certification services. Newport’s photovoltaic lab is certified by A2LA to perform the calibration and certification of secondary solar cells. Find Out More>>

Honle Irradiation System (Honle)

Sun Simulation and UV irradiation – Test systems for Photovoltaic ModulesPV-modules are expected to work perfectly for more than 20 years, at environment conditions that are permanently changing and often quite adverse. Therefore the PV-modules have to be tested under extreme conditions in order to ensure that they have the required quality.The testing procedure also includes various qualification tests regarding the artificial load of the materials used for PV-modules. These tests are defined in the standards IEC 61215 and IEC 61646.In response to these requirements the Dr. Hönle AG has developed irradiation systems based on IEC 61215 / IEC 61646, which can primarily be used for tests like light soaking, hotspot or UV-preconditioning. Find Out More>>