Optical Table (Newport)
A series of optical tables from research to educational grade are available. We have standard dimensions ranging from 3′ X 6′ up to 5′ X 20′ and various thickness of 8” to 24”. These tables feature unmatched vibration immunity of rigid trussed honeycomb core with highest level of tuned dampers. Modular table systems are available with end-to-end, side-to-side coupling for overall length up to 60ft or more, and widths up to 10ft. Find Out More>>
Breadboard & Grid Platform (Newport)

We offer a series of well designed optical breadboards with ferromagnetic steel surface, enhanced damping, sealed holes, steel honeycomb core, side-damping side panels and optional microlocks. Granite structure tabletops with 1µm flatness, low profile solid aluminum plates and compact pneumatic vibration isolator platforms are available to cater for different applications. Find Out More>>

Smart Table (Newport)

In cases of unavoidable vibration sources on the table itself (e.g. stepper motors), especially if they have frequencies similar to the resonance frequency of the table, or the need of fastest settling times of vibration bursts after unperiodic impacts, one can go even beyond the already excellent features of passive tuned damping: The addition of sensors and active control damping leads to 6x improved damping, drastic reduction of settling times, load-independent optimization and a means of monitoring the vibration for later interpretation/check of experiments. Find Out More>>

Isolators (Newport)

Isolators were designed to provide the best transmissibility or ratio of isolated body motion to floor motion over the widest possible bandwidth. A variety of vibration isolator stabilizers are available, from elastomer dampers to pneumatics isolation to active damping systems. Optimal performance with high settling time and leveling accuracy. Installation is fast and easy with automatic self-centering isolators. Find Out More>>

Workstations and Isolated Platforms (Newport)

For more space-constraint applications and requirements, we offer ergonomic workstations which can be integrated with optional accessories like arm-rests, equipment shelves, instrument rack, caster wheels, cable management systems etc. For platforms with moving loads, the Damping versions provide high damping and fast settling with very little compromise of isolation properties. The isolator valves and plumbing of each workstation comes pre-assembled so you can quickly set up your system. Find Out More>>

To fully utilize your optical space and make your system complete, we supply space saving accessories like overhead shelves, laser-hanging shelves, beam steering devices, cable management systems and silent air compressors. Find Out More>>
Negative Stifness Benchtop Vibration (minus-k)

By reducing building and floor vibrations to unprecedented levels, these systems enable vibration sensitive instruments and equipment to perform at unprecedented levels. They are used in a broad spectrum of applications including nanotechnology, biological sciences, semiconductors, materials research, zero-g simulation of spacecraft, and high-end audio.

Vertical-motion isolation is provided by a stiff spring that supports a weight load, combined with a negative-stiffness mechanism (NSM). The net vertical stiffness is made very low without affecting the static load-supporting capability of the spring. Beam-columns connected in series with the vertical-motion isolator provide horizontal-motion isolation. The horizontal stiffness of the beam-columns is reduced by the “beam-column” effect. (A beam-column behaves as a spring combined with an NSM.) The result is a compact passive isolator capable of very low vertical and horizontal natural frequencies and very high internal structural frequencies. Find Out More>>



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