Vibration Isolators are used to isolate an optical table or breadboard from a vibration source in the lab environment. The vibration isolation can be active, passive, or elastomeric. Pneumatic vibration isolators use compressed air to float an optical table eliminating external vibrations. Active vibration isolation, like what is found in our Smart Optical Tables, uses feedback and a control system to reduce vibrations coming from equipment on your optical table. Elastomeric vibration isolators use a highly engineered polyurethane to reduce vibrations. They have the advantage of not requiring compressed air or electrical circuitry.

Newport’s broad offering of vibration isolation solutions includes active, passive, and elastomeric vibration isolators as well as rigid support systems.

Pneumatic Vibration Isolators with Automatic Re-Leveling LabLeg Air Mount Vibration Isolators, SL Series Elastomeric Vibration Isolators, Constant Natural Frequency Compact Air Mount without Self Leveling Non-Isolating LabLegs, RL Series Compact Pneumatic Vibration Isolator with Self-Leveling
Vibration Isolator, I-500 Air Compression Systems VIBe Mechanical Vibration Isolators


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