Andor microscopy system focused on providing best-in-class performance within a modular architecture. Andor design and manufacture products that can be easily integrated with their own and third party software, and in combination with high quality products from other manufacturer.

Andor Dragonfly – High Speed Confocal Microsocopy System

Andor Dragonfly

It’s more than confocal…

The Dragonfly naturally benefits from Andor EMCCD and sCMOS technologies, with motorized optical zoom, the system delivers industry-leading signal to noise and image fidelity. Applications ranging from single molecule to live cell confocal, TIRFM to whole embryo and thick tissue imaging all benefit from the system’s speed and sensitivity. Dragonfly delivers real-time visualization for rapid specimen evaluation and ClearView-GPU™ deconvolution to maximize resolution and throughput.

  • Instant Confocal
  • Simultaneous multi-color TIRF
  • Laser widefield imaging
  • Single molecule imaging
  • VIS – NIR wavelength


Photostimulation describes a rapidly evolving range of optical techniques with an increasing impact on scientific enquiry and experimentation. All PS techniques target optical radiation at user-defined region(s) of the specimen and use optical imaging to observe, and often to measure, the impact of the “perturbation”.

Microppont : MicroPoint provides a flexible and field-proven tool for photo-stimulation. Supplied with a patented compact, pulsed nitrogen pumped tunable dye laser it is capable of ablation, bleaching and uncaging over a wavelength range of 365 to 656 nm.

Mosaic : Mosaic is the perfect tool for photostimulation applications such as Optogenetics, optophysiology,

Integrated Laser Engine

The Andor Integrated Laser Engine (ILE) is a third generation multi-line laser source delivering between two and eight laser lines via one, two or three optical fibre outputs for millisecond switching between imaging modes and tools like Confocal, TIRF and FRAPPA.

  • Multi-line laser source – up to 8 lines
  • Wide VIS-NIR range
  • Up to 3 port output
  • Unique Active blanking
  • Low power consumption
  • Long life solid state lasers

Microscopy & Imaging Cameras

Spectroscopy Cameras

Andor’s range of high performance imaging cameras are suited to a wide variety of microscopy applications, from extremely challenging single molecule tracking to routine wide-field fluorescence microscopy of living or fixed cells.

The market leading iXon range of EMCCDs provides ultimate sensitivity coupled with speed, the platform of choice for an array of light starved microscopy applications including single molecule tracking/interactions, photon counting, super-resolution microscopy, spinning disk confocal microscopy and TIRF.

Andor’s innovative sCMOS cameras provide a great all round solution, redefining the concept of a ‘workhorse’ camera. Simultaneously offering extremely fast speeds, superb sensitivity – up to 95% QE, wide dynamic range, excellent resolution and a large field of view in one detector, sCMOS allows you to radically upgrade the performance of your fluorescence microscope. With the newly expanded Andor sCMOS portfolio, we have your application covered, whether your samples are fixed or living, large or small, static or dynamic. sCMOS is also the perfect detector for Light Sheet microscopy and other applications that need high QE and large field of view.

Optical Cryostats for Microscopy

The Microstat range of optical cryostats are optimised for Microscopic applications where sample low vibration is critical for measurements and where short working distance lenses are employed. This range of wet optical cryostats are available covering the Liquid Nitrogen (77k- 500k) and Liquid Helium (3.2K – 500K) temperature ranges. This versatile range of optical cryostats is available in both Sample-in-vacuum and in-exchange gas configurations.



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